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Valuation Services

Merger, Acquisitions and Sales

We work with companies from the buy and sell side, assisting with complex merger issues such as valuation, transaction structuring, accounting and taxation.
Buy-Side Services
Sell-Side Services

Business Succession Planning;

Two critical questions; when can I retire as a business owner and what happens to my company? We not only help you determine the value of your company but we also offer succession strategies to optimize the value of your business, determine the best exit strategy and structure the transaction to maximize tax savings.

Valuations for Minority Interest Owners

If you own less than 50% of your business, then you may wish to have your minority interest valued. There are many reasons to do so, including gift & estate tax purposes, shareholder oppression situations, admission of other minority interest partners, just to name a few.

Shareholder/Partner Buy-Sells

This story has been told many times. A group of talented individuals start a business. Initially they contribute different assets to the company for their share of ownership. The company grows and becomes successful. Unfortunately, what also grows is dissention between the partners. Some shareholders or partners have the foresight to structure a clear, concise buy-sell document at the start of their business. Others do not. We offer valuation services in these situations and where practical, offer recommendations for an equitable solution.


We prepare valuations for the spouse who is the business owner, the non-owning spouse or in some cases for both parties where they concurrently agree to engage our services.

Estate or Gift Tax Planning

Valuations are required in estates and gift planning. In some cases fractional interests are conveyed through gifting. We prepare valuations which cover all IRS guidelines for estate and gifting purposes.

Allocation of Intangible Assets and Goodwill Impairment

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Statement 141 covers the allocation of intangible assets from business acquisitions. FASB statement 142 covers the measurement of goodwill impairment. We prepare valuations to meet these FASB guidelines.


Banks are increasingly requiring business valuations for business financing. The Small Business Administration (SBA) requires valuations in some cases. Other financing arrangements, whether through a financial institution or private parties often require a valuation with periodic updates. We offer valuation services to meet this need.

Equity Capital

Growing businesses with unique products and services often require outside capital. Sooner or later there is a valuation question from both the existing owners and the equity capital investors. We commonly structure valuation services to meet this need.

Business Damages

When a business suffers a loss due to the negligence or malfeasance of another party, an assessment of business value before and after the damaging event is required. We have extensive experience in determining the damages in these situations.

Business Consulting Services

Business Planning and Financial Projections

From start-ups to established businesses wishing to expand, we can help you develop a sound business plan with detailed financial projections.

Cost/Volume/Pricing Decisions

A starting point for any business is knowledge of its break-even point. From this data, important production volume and pricing decisions can be made. We have developed effective models that track cost and volume.

Strategic Planning

It is important for management, key officers and board members to steer a business in the right direction. Many options exist for a profitable business. We facilitate a forum to achieve this process.