Required Info

Initial Information Required


Financial Information:

  • Annual CPA financial statements for the last five years – (i.e. compiled, reviewed or audited)
  • Interim financial statements for the most recent 12 months and the preceding 12-month period
  • Federal income tax returns for the last five years
  • Copies of financial budgets, forecasts or projections
  • List of subsidiaries or other related businesses, together with their financial statements
  • Any significant financial account details (such as aged accounts receivable listing, aged accounts payable listing, fixed asset details, depreciation schedule, intangible assets, interest-bearing debt etc.)
  • Details of related-party transactions
  • Schedule of officers’ and directors’ compensation and key person life insurance
  • Details of any employee benefit plans, including pension, profit-sharing and employee stock option plans.
  • Listing of off balance sheet intangible assets (copyrights, trademarks, patents, software licensing rights etc.)
  • Copies of any business plans
  • List of stockholders or partners, showing the amount of stock or percentage owned by each person.
  • List of five largest customers and suppliers with total sales and purchases, for each during the last year.

Legal Documents:

  • Minutes of board of directors meetings
  • Copies of stockholder or partnership agreements, including any stock option agreements
  • Details of any litigation, including pending or threatened lawsuits
  • Copies of any buy-sell agreements and/or written offers to purchase or sell company stock
  • Copies of key officers’ employment agreement
  • Copies of any major sale or purchase contracts
  • Details of any contingent liabilities (guarantees, warranties, or derivative financial instruments)
  • Off-balance-sheet financing such as letters of credit