Financial Services – Investment advisory/financial planning, business consulting and CPA practices

Financial Institutions and Related Industries – Banks and insurance companies

Engineering – Electronic, civil, surveying and architectural services

Sustainable Businesses – A broad based industry that includes environmental friendly products and services

Construction and Contracting – Residential and commercial markets

Distribution – Electrical, electronics and various other value added distribution businesses

Manufacturing – Food processing and heavy equipment

Transportation – Courier, other delivery and brokerage of transportation services

Retail – All aspects of retail

Restaurants – Upscale restaurants as well as fast food franchises

Wineries – From start-ups to well established vineyards

Software – From start-ups to established software companies

Real Property Holding Companies – Residential and/or commercial properties

Family Limited Partnerships – Commonly called FLPs set up for estate planning purposes

Health Care – From one-person physician offices to large clinics

Life Sciences/Bio-technical – Scientific systems, diagnostic and drug development